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Become a Common Sense Candidate

Step-up and become an American Common Sense candidate today! Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are all welcomed! The American people could really use your help.

There’s a very good reason why Congress only has a 13% approval rating.
It’s because we hired the wrong people to represent us on Capitol Hill. What we need are Common Sense managers who will work tirelessly for the American people. Remember, your political affiliation isn’t important. What is important is your willingness to put the needs of the American people above all else.

When a politician is running for office, why is it that we never hear in detail what they will do to fix the problems once they get elected?
We hear about how they are going to change things, make things better, blah, blah, blah, but never outline a plan to actually make things better. They need to stop saying what they think it takes to get hired, and instead, stand up and tell the American people exactly who they are, what they believe in, where their passions lie, and what specific things they intend to change. If we like their ideas and ideals, we’ll hire them, and when elected, they can continue to be true to themselves and to their fellow Americans. Then and only then can they really make a difference.

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The American Common Sense Pledge

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I believe that most Americans enter into politics for the right reasons but something changes down the line. Once in office, they seem to worry too much about re-election; too much about voting within party lines; too much about pleasing the other good ole boys and scratching each other’s backs; too much about paying back the big money people who got them elected. They seem to forget that they were hired to serve their fellow Americans; that they are in office to solve problems for the people (politically correct or not). They seem to forget that they are morally indebted to no one but themselves and their fellow Americans!

America needs candidates who can think outside of the box, work together, and use simple Common Sense to find solutions to the problems we face. America needs Common Sense managers, not only in Congress, but in all branches of government.

If you have the time, step up and run for local, state, or federal office. Declare yourself an American Common Sense Democrat, Republican, or Independent. If you don’t have time to devote to politics, then at least vote. Vote for any candidate currently in office or seeking office; anyone that will step up and declare themselves an American Common Sense candidate.

Our current managers on Capitol Hill seem to have forgotten that they work for the American people. They seem to feel that they answer to no one. They set their own salaries and benefits packages, and they take way too many recesses. We the American taxpayers are the ones paying their salary, and I for one, think it’s time to renegotiate their contracts. It’s time we start paying them a fair salary and a fair benefits package, and its time we demand that they start working a full time job, like the rest of us.

There’s way too many problems that need to be fixed for them to even consider taking a recess. It’s time they roll up their sleeves and fix the mess they and their predecessors have gotten us in! You and I can’t set our own salaries and our own benefit packages at our companies. We can’t retire with benefits after a few years. We can’t take off for recess whenever we want or simply not show up for work. Why should they? Enough is enough!

During the interview process, all candidates need to inform the American people what planks of the American Common Sense platform they support and what planks they oppose. Be honest, speak from the heart. If you’re really a Common Sense candidate and you share our views, We The People will hire you to represent us. You’ll no longer be beholden to any political party or special interest groups. You’ll be able to be your own person and actually fix the mess your predecessors have gotten us into.

Lawyers need not apply! We definitely don’t need any more lawyers working for us on Capitol Hill. We need regular working class people, business people, educators, non-politicians, and men and women of integrity who will graciously serve our great country and who will work tirelessly to implement the changes needed to get us back on track, not simply make empty promises to get elected!

Think about it. We only need two Common Sense American business people, educators, or entrepreneurs like you from each state to finally have a 100% Common Sense Senate. To fill the House Of Representatives with Common Sense managers might be a bit more difficult (since the numbers vary based upon population within the state), but even in California, we should be able to find 53 Common Sense Americans.

A strong Congress, made up of Common Sense business people, accountants, educators, and entrepreneurs, not Harvard lawyers, can truly reshape America beyond our wildest dreams and help lead the way to building a stronger and safer world.