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We need one central location where the American voter can go to find out everything about every candidate. Check out our "DEMO" Website

We need a National Campaign Information Website ( built for the American people.
This website would not just contain the candidates’ platforms, but would also allow us to actually rate the candidates as to how their overall views compare to ours. It should be clean, simple and easy to navigate.

On this website you enter your zip code and an election page opens with pictures of each of the candidates who are interviewing (campaigning) for specific positions in government on the federal, state, or local level. Click on a candidate’s picture and a drop-down menu opens listing all of the major issues. Click on one of the issues and a video opens with the candidate personally explaining what they would do to fix that specific problem.

Educate yourself on each of the 20 reforms, then rate your Congressperson’s answers.

You then simply rate, on a scale of 0-5, how their views compare to yours. Then click on their opponent, listen to their views, and rate them. You now have a side-by-side comparison of each of the candidate’s views on each of the issues, enabling you to make a more informed decision on who you want working for us on Capitol Hill.

The grading system
On the sample below, we’ve highlighted in red the candidate’s position on each of the 20 American Common Sense Party reforms (Yes or No). Each candidate simply gives you their views on a given issue, and you give them a score between 0 and 5, based on how strongly you agree or disagree with their view:
5 – Strongly Agree
4 – Moderately Agree
3 – Somewhat Agree
2 – Somewhat Disagree
1 – Moderately Disagree
0 – Strongly Disagree

The higher a candidate’s Political Performance Test (PPT) score, the more their views match yours. It shouldn’t matter whether we hire a Common Sense Democrat or a Common Sense Republican, as long as their views are most aligned with ours.

All campaigning sessions and debates should also be uploaded to the NCIW as well as social media. It will then be easy to educate ourselves on the different candidates and easy to determine their PPT. In the meantime, email those in office and ask them to visit this website and give you their views on each of the 20 Common Sense reforms. Inform them that we don’t want to accidentally fire the wrong people.

This is the way to properly conduct a job interview on a national, state, or local level. This is the way to become truly informed on a candidate and their views, rather than strictly voting down party lines. This is the way to fix Congress and in turn fix America. This is the way to fix our state and local governments. This is the way to end corruption and take back America!

Grade Your Congressperson