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Infrastructure Reform


How would you pay for all the repairs that need to be done when we have no money; when Congress currently spends billions more each year that they generate; when they have us in debt over $27 trillion? It won’t be easy unless we stop our managers from spending all of our money.

How would you pay for all the repairs that need to be done when we have no money?
Congress should have budgeted for infrastructure repair many, many years ago. We all know that as things age, things break! What the hell were they thinking? That things last forever? The only thing that seems to last forever is their jobs, but that’s about to change.

If we want to at least put a bandaid on some of our aged infrastructure, we’ve got to stop government waste and set up a budget that includes a line item for infrastructure repair. We’ll need to free up every taxpayer dollar that we can on the federal, state and local levels immediately if we’re going to start updating our public works systems and budget for future repairs. We’re going to have to drastically down-size all areas of government, period.

The only way to free up money to repair our infrastructure is for the American people to demand Congress stop all of their unnecessary spending. It’s time they root out the corruption, cut every piece of pork (earmark) out of every piece of legislation, get every able-bodied American off welfare and back into the workforce, and drastically downsize not only our federal government, but also our state and local governments.