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Smaller Government Less Taxes

The bigger our federal government grows, the more money it needs. The more money it needs, the more money it takes from every American worker’s paycheck.  When is enough, enough? It's time to take back America!

Most of our managers on Capitol Hill and in our state capitals seem to think they run the Country, and maybe they do, but that’s about to change.
They feel they can spend our money any way they like, on any programs they want, and that they can pass any laws they choose. Someone needs to remind them that they work for us, not the other way around. It’s our hard-earned money they’re spending (not theirs), and nowhere in the Constitution does it say, “They the People”. It says, “We the People”! We don’t need leaders on Capitol Hill; we just need really good managers!

Our federal government has grown way too big, and it still continues to grow. The bigger our federal government grows the more money it needs. The more money it needs the more money it takes from every American worker’s paycheck. That’s why our taxes are so high, and that’s why we’re $27 trillion in debt.

What services should we expect from our government?
We need a strong military, a good education system, a good transportation system, safe conditions for factory and office workers (OSHA), safe food (FDA) and air (EPA), a working judicial and penal system, a simplified set of right and wrong laws, safe streets, and an emergency fund to help out state governments when natural disasters hit, but that’s it. It’s time we downsize our federal government and turn more programs back over to our state and local governments. This will also take away some of our federal government’s power. They will no longer be able to use our money as leverage over our state and local managers.

Needless to say, when we turn these programs over to the states, we will have to pay higher state taxes, but that will be offset by a reduction in our federal taxes. It’s our money and it’s time for the American people (those of us who work and pay taxes) to inform our managers in Congress which federal programs we want to keep, which need to go, and the percentage of our hard-earned money we are willing to spend to fund those programs! It’s also time to tell our managers on the state and local levels the same.

Our government taxes everything. The only thing they haven’t yet taxed us on is the air we breathe. No wait, I think some areas now have a pollution tax in place. Does anyone know why we have to pay property taxes, personal property taxes, luxury taxes, death taxes, municipal taxes, county taxes, state taxes, federal taxes, income taxes, corporate taxes, fees to park, fees to cross bridges, fees to drive on certain highways, hunting licenses, fishing licenses, business licenses, marriage licenses, driver’s licenses, boat licenses, auto registrations, auto tags, etc.? Did you or anyone you know instruct our elected officials to put these taxes into effect? Why are they there?

As you can see, they sometimes disguise the taxes as fees, licenses, or even tolls. We need to get rid of them all with a Constitutional amendment. We only need three taxes: a federal income tax, a state income tax, and a state sales tax). That’s it, period.

I think a total of 20% of our hard-earned money (if spent wisely) should buy us the services we need (10% into the federal collection plate and 10% into the state collection plate). After all, God only asks for 10% of our income. If our managers on Capitol Hill and in our State Houses disagree with the split (10% each), they can hash out the details on who gets what. Once they agree upon who gets what percentage, we then lock-in those percentages with a Constitutional amendment.

It’s time we require all of our managers to work within a balanced annual budget, each and every year, and no more borrowing!
The revenue they collect in a given year is to be used for the following year’s budget. When a budget is finalized, all money allocated for a specific fund (line item in the budget) is to only be used for that expense. Money allocated for national defense is to be only used towards national defense; money allocated for education is to be only used towards education; money allocated towards social security is only for social security, etc. No more general fund; no more borrowing between funds; no more borrowing from the Federal Reserve; no more borrowing at all.

By the way, what the hell is the Federal Reserve and who the hell needs them, especially since our managers are no longer going to be allowed to borrow any money, from anyone, on behalf of the American taxpayers? If we have any reserve (money left over within a specific fund), that money is to stay in that specific fund until needed by that specific fund.

It’s going to be a little tough on our managers to balance their budgets without an unlimited supply of money to work with. It may mean getting rid of all unnecessary spending, all waste, all corruption, and all non-essential agencies and programs, but so be it. These are things that should have been done years ago.