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The American Common Sense Movement ... The Time Has Come For Every American to Become an Educated Voter!

American Common Sense Voter

Demand that our managers immediately enact Campaign Reform so we can better educate ourselves on the candidates.

How can we become Common Sense voters?
First we have to push for Campaign Reform, then educate ourselves on the candidates, and finally we have to get out and vote! The main reason America is in trouble is that we, as Americans in general, are lazy and apathetic when it comes to voting. Most Americans don’t take the time to vote because they assume their one vote won’t matter. This was me for over 30 years.

And those who do vote, vote mainly along party lines. They know very little about the person they’re voting for because there’s no place where they can view the candidate’s platform.

Just like most Americans, I would love to not have to get involved in the affairs of our government, but as the philospher Plato said: If we don’t get involved in the affairs of our government, we are doomed to live under the rule of fools. It would be nice to just live our lives and leave the running of our government to our managers up on Capitol Hill. We should be able to trust that our managers are looking out for the best interest of every American taxpayer. They should be honest, fiscally responsible, and make good business decisions on our behalf, but we can't, they aren’t, and they don’t.


They keep telling us that everything will be just fine! How’s that working out? We’re $27 trillion in debt, crime and poverty is everywhere, our infrastructure is deteriorating, corruption is in all branches of government, and they constantly want more taxes. Everything is not fine! I firmly believe the old adage that “without change, nothing changes”. Well, it’s time for some real change!

Most Americans don’t take time to vote because they assume their one vote won’t matter.

I’m sure we have a few Common Sense managers up on Capitol Hill who really care about the American people, but as a group, they are either incompetent or complacent. We can continue to sit on our asses and let our managers run our great country into the ground, or we can change direction, change Congress, and in turn, change America. We as Americans still have a chance to really change things, but time is running out! It’s time we all do our part. It’s time every hard-working American taxpayer gets involved in the affairs of our government.

Q: Who can we hire to do a better job than our current elected officials?
A: Almost anyone.
Educators would be a good choice. They’re well-respected and intelligent. They have degrees; they have ethics. Furthermore, most educators get into the field, not for the money, but because they want to make a difference in the world. Economics teachers are versed on the economy, while math and accounting teachers know numbers and can surely create and balance a budget. And here’s the good thing about teachers: they don’t compete against each other; they work together for the common good of the people they serve, our children. How hard would it be for them to switch over to serving the American people as our elected representatives?

Another good choice would be business people and entrepreneurs. They not only know how to start up, but also run a successful business. They would be much better equipped to run a country than a bunch of lawyers.

When it comes to hiring managers to run our country, we really have no clue who we’re hiring.

How do we know who to vote for; who to hire?
In the business world when we’re hiring, the prospective candidate is required to fill out an application and then sit for an interview. We ask them specific questions to make sure they’re the right candidate for the job. This makes Common Sense, yet when it comes to filling some of the most important positions in our government, when it comes to hiring managers to run our country, we really have no clue who we’re hiring. We hardly know anything about them. This has to change. We have to start running our country like a business. Case in point: we hired 535 managers to Congress who can’t get along with each other, who can’t work together, and who can’t even set-up, much less work within, a balanced budget.

Hell, they even group together in gangs and sit on different sides of the aisle, to avoid being near each other, and each politically segregated group feels they’re better than the other. They’re arrogant, they don’t respect the American people, and they feel that working-class taxpaying Americans are beneath them.

They take our hard-earned money (tax dollars) without our consent and give it away to non-American citizens, and to lazy Americans who don’t want to work, and to dictators in other countries – to everyone. It’s not their money or the government’s money that they’re squandering, it’s the American workers’ money, the American Taxpayer's money!

Is there any doubt that we hired a lot of the wrong people to manage our country? Is there any doubt that we need a better interviewing process; that we need real Campaign Reform? And once we have campaign reform, is there any doubt that we can indeed fix Congress, and in turn, fix America?

This is an Appeal to the 261 Million Americans Who Are Now Honorary Members of the American Bi-Political Party, the American Common Sense Movement.
I  ask that in all upcoming elections, each and every one of us deeply consider firing all elected officials who refuse to tell us, in plain English (and in detail), what they will do to start fixing the problems, using simple Common Sense.
I ask that we replace these individuals with American business people, educators, entrepreneurs, and any responsible individuals (from any party) who know how to successfully run a business, and who can give us a concrete plan of action that will fix the problems - anyone with Common Sense!