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The American Common Sense Movement ... The Time Has Come For Every American to Become an Educated Voter!


When you have time, please check out and

Since you're reading this article, it looks like we're both on the same page.  We simply want the fighting to stop and things to get fixed.  Let's make it happen!  Let's you and I, and the rest of America (Democrats and Republicans alike) join forces and take back our great country from the politicians.  Let's Make Congress Functional Again!

If you were in charge, how would you fix Congress?

Would you first identify, then "fire" every one of our Managers up on Capitol Hill, who aren't doing their jobs?  Would you then replace them with some Common Sense Americans (Democrats and Republicans) businesspeople, accountants, educators, and entrepreneurs; individuals who know how to fix problems, individuals who know how to work well together, and who really want to serve the American people?  Me too!

But how do we know who to hire and who to fire?  Keep reading and I promise I'll show you a way to coax Congress into giving the American people the tools we need to truly become informed voters.  Once we have the ability to elect the right people, once we Make Congress Functional Again, then and only then will we finally be able to truly Make America Great Again!

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.”

- John F. Kennedy

The American Common Sense Movement

The main goal of the American Common Sense Movement is to encourage every American to start thinking of themselves as "Bi-Political", as someone  who sees both the upsides and downsides to each of the political parties and who votes accordingly, not straight down party lines.  Our mission is simple ... to take back control of Congress from the political machines in Washington, and in turn save our country.

The World's Largest Peaceful Revolution

Let's change the course of American history together. Let's fight to take back Congress, but let's do it peacefully.  Let's become informed voters.  Together, we can Make Congress Functional Again!

20 Problems & 20 Common Sense Solutions

Each of the 20 reforms listed in this section cover a major problem facing our country today.  If one Common Sense American can come up with some simple solutions, why can’t our 535 elected members of Congress? National Campaign Information Website

It's time to Demand a National Campaign Information Website be built for the American People. Such a site would allow every American to become an EDUCATED VOTER.
It's time we started hiring the right people to represent us in Congress, and in every branch of Government. As Plato said over 2,000 years ago: It's time we stop living under the "Rule of Fools"!


It's Time We Fix Congress

It’s criminal what’s happening to this great country, but there’s still time to take back control of our government.

It's time every American enters the battle. It's time we "fire the shot that's heard round the world". It's time we rally the troops all over social media, and it's time we win the war at the polls.

It's time we start electing only "Common Sense" representatives to Congress, and to all branches of government on all levels. No violence, no looting, no kneeling when our National Anthem plays, no burning our flag, no protests in any form. Just light up social media, then get out and vote!

This movement will go down in history, as the last American Revolution, the most peaceful revolution this world has ever seen. Let's make history together.  Demand Congress set-up a centralized National Campaign Information Website ( where every American can go to easily become a more educated voter.

Visit our "DEMO" Website:

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. GOD Bless America!

Contact Your Representatives

My fellow Americans!  It's time we start becoming INFORMED VOTERS.  It's time we learn more about the 535 individuals that we hire to MANAGE our affairs up on Capitol Hill.

Contact your representatives in Congress and demand Campaign Reform!  Send them a link to this website and demand they set up a National Campaign Information Website (  One centralized location where by simply entering our zip code, we can not only find out who's running for office, but their views on all of the issues.

Please copy and paste the following text into your email:

Dear Honarable Congressperson:

I would like to inform you that "We the People", we the American Taxpayers, are as mad as Hell and we aren't going to take it anymore.  To date, you've borrowed over $31.46 Trillion dollars that the U.S. Taxpayer is somehow expected to pay back (in the form of higher taxes), and you still want to borrow more.  Hell No!  The insanity stops now!

If you're one of the good guys up on Capitol Hill, a COMMON SENSE DEMOCRAT, or a COMMON SENSE REPUBLICAN, who has the good of the American people in mind, let me say "Thank You for your service".  I hope you will continue working for the American people for many, many years to come.  However if you're one of the self-serving swamp creatures, then rest assured that the swamp is about to be drained.  The American voters are going to make it our mission to remove each and everyone of you from office, come next election!

To become an informed citizen, an informed voter, to know who to keep and who to replace, we need to know every plank on every candidate's platform.  We need CAMPAIGN REFORM, specifically, a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN INFORMATION WEBSITE (

That said, as our first order of business, WE THE PEOPLE are hereby DEMANDING that Congress start working on a National Campaign Information Website, and that it be brought online, and made FULLY OPERATIONAL before the next elections.

For more information, I encourage you to visit the following "DEMO" website: ... also

Congressman, it's time for you and your colleagues to ask not what your country can do for you, but to ask yourselves what YOU can do for YOUR COUNTRY!


An American Patriot!