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The American Common Sense Movement ... The Time Has Come For Every American to Become an Educated Voter!

Worlds Largest Peaceful Revolution

Let’s change the course of American history together. Let’s take back our country and do it peacefully. Let’s vote for real change in all upcoming elections, not just more talk!

What is a peaceful revolution?
Unlike a traditional revolution, which is defined as a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system, think of a peaceful revolution as a reformation. A reformation is defined as the action or process of reforming an institution or practice with the intention of setting it back on the right path. We don’t need a new system of government; we simply need to reform Congress and get our managers back on the right path, plain and simple. Our forefathers gave us a great system of government, a system where the people (if they elect to participate) can truly rule themselves.

We have a chance to change the way things are done in Washington and rebuild the American people’s confidence in their government, but only if we unite as one America. But first, we have to know who we’re hiring; first, we need to demand that Congress enact Common Sense campaign reform.

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”
This is actually a quote from the 1976 movie Network, but I think it’s how most American taxpayers feel today. Here’s another quote I came across in Freeman’s Perspective that is so true: “It works in the favor of the corrupt people running our political structures if honest people think they can’t make a difference and ‘opt out’ of even trying.”

In the old days, to enact change, we would have needed to shout our message from the rooftops: “I’m mad as hell, and I ain’t going to take it anymore”. Not today. Social media has brought the power back to the people. Let’s use that power to recruit Common Sense candidates to Congress.

Here’s another wise old saying: “without change, nothing changes, at least nothing ever changes for the better.” Don’t you think it’s about time we make a lot of changes on Capitol Hill?

Just like you, I’ve sat back and waited patiently for someone else to solve the problems. They haven’t, so it’s time we take the lead. The stakes are high, and our economic and personal freedoms are at risk. I think we all realize that America has been heading down the wrong path for quite a number of years. A lot of someones aren’t doing the jobs we elected them to do. If they can’t do their job, then we sure as hell should be looking for someone else (to vote in) who can!

I encourage all my fellow Americans to join me in a peaceful revolution (reformation). Go to the polls and vote, and vote only for candidates that support Common Sense reforms.
No demonstrations, no protests, no violence, no burning of the American flag, and no kneeling when the National Anthem is played. Continue to identify as either a Democrat or a Republican, but as a Democratic member of the American Common Sense movement, or as a Republican member of the American Common Sense movement.

We have enough political parties, and since all the political parties seem to want to do is fight amongst each other, let’s not go there.  Let's simply think of ourselves as a movement.  Let's demand Common Sense campaign reform, educate ourselves on the candidates, and vote into office only Common Sense candidates. Let's stop voting straight down party lines and simply vote for the right person for the job.

When did we give our government (our elected officials) permission to start all the entitlement programs and spend our money as if it were their money? When did we tell them that if they need more money for more programs, no problem, just print it or tax us more? Who authorized our elected officials to take out a U.S. credit card and charge $27+ trillion on it without our approval? Who authorized them to embezzle $40-50 trillion from our Social Security and other dedicated funds?

This is what happens when you have no idea who you’re electing to represent you; when you have no way of making an informed decision; when you vote straight down party lines. Responsible citizens live within their means. They balance their expenses with their income. Heck, some even save.

We assumed our managers would run our government the same as they would run their personal lives or businesses. We assumed there were checks and balances in place that prevented those in power from abusing their power. Wrong! These irresponsible actions have the U.S. on the brink of bankruptcy. It’s not their money they’re spending. It’s not their money they’re wasting. It’s our money! If we stand united we can take back control of our country, and do it peacefully!

Just a reminder: our government officials work for you and I, the people, and it’s about time they start understanding that! Those in power seem to believe that we are beneath them; that we should have no say in what services they provide for us, nor what those services cost; that they can demand more and new taxes from us anytime they choose; and that they can even forge our names on a line of credit for any amount they choose.

United we stand, divided we fall.
Think about these words! There’s strength in numbers, so it’s time we stop pitying ourselves; it’s time we stop feeling helpless; it’s time we take back America! Crazy? Not nearly as crazy as the idea our forefathers had when they led a revolution against the British Empire 240 years ago and won! They fought and died for our freedoms. We only have to drive to the polls and vote! Our revolution is easy!

With 240 million Americans over the age of 18, who not only pay taxes, but have the privilege and the freedom to vote (150 million registered and another 90 million not registered), we have our elected representatives outnumbered 448,000 to 1. That’s pretty good odds. There’s no doubt we can win, but only if we put aside our differences and our party lines. We have to stop fighting with each other and we have to start hiring some Common Sense representatives.

Let’s forget about the donkey and the elephant for the time being and make this the year of the American eagle; the year we unite as Americans; the year we end up with a functioning Congress made up of Common Sense representatives.

To get things turned around, we’re probably going to have to start micro-managing our elected officials, at least for the time being. We’ll need to define what services we want them to provide and what we are willing to pay for those services. It’s time we define a budget for them to work with. Let’s set the numbers, not them. No more blank checks, no more credit cards, no more lines of credit. We need to call a management meeting (congressional session) to define the problems, offer solutions, and then set deadlines for them to finish their assigned tasks.

If we really want to fix America, we need to address our problems as if we were putting a puzzle together.

  • We can’t be overwhelmed by the large number of pieces (problems) in the box.
  • We have to first see the big picture. What should the whole puzzle look like when completed? What should America look like when fixed?
  • We have to then make sure that we have managers on Capitol Hill who also see the big picture; managers who really want to work for the people!
  • We have to divide the puzzle into 20 sections (the top 20 problems that need to be fixed).
  • And finally, our managers in Congress need to draw straws, divide into 20 individual groups, and work tirelessly until they can put all of the 20 major sections of the puzzle together. They and their predecessors broke the puzzle; they broke America, and it’s time we demand that they put it back together!
If our managers on Capitol Hill can’t see the big picture (which most can’t), then we need to replace them with some Common Sense American business people who can!

Let’s change the course of American history together!
Let’s take back our country and do it peacefully!
Let’s vote for real change in all upcoming elections, not just more talk!

Encourage your friends to visit our website and join the American Common Sense movement.
Demand Congress enact campaign reform so every American can easily become an educated voter.
Vote in each and every upcoming election, and vote for the candidate that aligns him/herself with your Common Sense views, even if it means you have to vote across party lines.

Since our American values were built on In God We Trust, please allow me to share this quote: “God helps those who help themselves”. People, it’s time we started helping ourselves. We’ve sat on the sidelines way too long. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t see where we are and where we’re heading. History is about to repeat itself and another great nation is one step closer to economic collapse. If things don’t change, a few hundred individuals are about to destroy this great nation from within.

Remember the song lyric: “This land is your land, this land is my land, from California to the New York island”? It doesn’t say a damn thing about this land being “their” land! The problem isn’t with our way of governing; it’s with those that We The People have chosen to manage our affairs. We’ve made some really terrible choices lately. Our forefathers were very wise when they set up our great nation; when they set up a means for the American people to govern themselves. They even gave us the tools we need to take back America without having to resort to violence.

Let’s make the American Common Sense Movement go viral on social media! If the voice I’m resonating is your voice, then get off the sidelines and spread the word. Be the next Paul Revere and shout out to those in Washington: “The Americans are coming! The Americans are coming!” Get the word out through all channels on social media. Talk to your friends. Pledge to vote across party lines, if necessary. Pledge to vote only for candidates who are committed to doing their jobs; candidates who will either support the American Common Sense reforms, or who can offer reforms that work better.

The next time you get into a political conversation of any kind, with anyone, make it more constructive, make it educational and keep it civil. Stop getting upset, stop pointing fingers, stop blaming the other political party, and stop arguing with each other. Instead, play the “how would you fix it?” game. How would you fix unemployment? How would you fix education? How would you fix immigration? How would you fix the drug epidemic? How would you decrease crime, etc,? Take turns coming up with Common Sense solutions that will actually fix problems.

When you’re finished, recruit the person you’re talking with into joining the American Common Sense movement. Have them check-out this website for more things to think about. And finally, have them join our Peaceful Revolution by sharing their own “How To Fix It” ideas on social media. Once enough Common Sense Americans get involved, our managers on Capitol Hill will have to listen.