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It’s criminal what’s happening to this great country and especially to the American worker. Those in power have constantly lied to us. They’ve embezzled, or at the very least, totally mismanaged our money, and by their failure to address the problems, not only is our Social Security system now close to bankruptcy, but so is our country. Our managers and their predecessors are both morally and criminally responsible and should be held accountable for their actions. What would our forefathers do in this situation? They would fight for their freedoms.

I created this site because I still believe there’s time to take control of our government, and take it back in a peaceful manner. It’s time for We the People to once again rule ourselves! It’s time we declare a non-violent WAR on our self-proclaimed rulers in Congress. It’s time we take back this great nation. It’s time we fix Congress.

What a powerful message it would send to the American people if we could once again have a functioning Congress! Think about how it would uplift our spirits. This is what America really needs now: confidence in our government and confidence in our elected officials. No more bickering, no more broken promises, less dependence on big government, and lower, not higher taxes for everyone. It’s time we demand that the members of Congress drastically cut back on their spending and cut all the waste! And it’s time the American people remember that we’re a democracy, not a socialist or communist country. Why are we allowing our elected officials in Congress to lead us in that direction?

O.K. now that we’re armed with some Common Sense solutions to the problems that need to be fixed, are we ready to hire some Common Sense managers to put these Common Sense solutions into place? Are we ready to really Make America Great Again(TM)?

It’s time every American enters the battle. It’s time we fire the shot heard ‘round the world; it’s time we rally the troops all over social media; and it’s time we win the war at the polls. It’s time we start electing only Common Sense representatives to Congress and to all branches of government on all levels. No violence, no looting, no kneeling when our anthem plays, no burning our flag, no protests in any form. Just light up social media, then get out and vote! This movement will go down in history as the last American Revolution, the most peaceful revolution this world has ever seen. Let’s make history together.