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Entitlement Reform


Would you replace our broken unemployment compensation program with a new “right to work” program, and get everyone off unemployment?
First, everyone needs to understand that no one is entitled to anything that belongs to someone else. A person who doesn’t work isn’t entitled to any portion of the income of someone who does work, plain and simple! Everyone is entitled to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the opportunity to work and make a living so they can take care of themselves and their family. America was founded as a land of opportunity, not a land of entitlement.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more people actually wanted to work, rather than collect entitlements? Since every penny given to those on entitlements comes from the American people (American taxpayers and American taxpaying companies), I think it’s only fair that those receiving our money help us in return. I think it’s only fair that they help our taxpaying companies grow and help take some of the workload off the tax-paying Americans who work for these companies. I think it’s only fair that they help relieve the burden of funding government training programs. I think it’s only fair that they help our non-profits rebuild and revitalize our impoverished communities, and assist our non-profits in caring for our homeless and our aged. I think it’s only fair that they work for the money we give them.

The Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
- Thomas Jefferson

We as taxpaying Americans are a compassionate and caring people, willing to help those in need; those who are willing to help themselves, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to require that our tax dollars be spent more wisely. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to demand that our hard-earned dollars not be given out to able-bodied people who could work, but who simply choose not to.

The abuse is out of control. I don’t want my hard-earned tax dollars going to people on drugs either. I want the drug addicts placed in treatment facilities, where they can get the help they need for their addiction. I want them to get clean and then go out and find a job.

I’m sorry if they feel a little uncomfortable or embarrassed, but I don’t think that random drug testing is an unreasonable request. If it’s okay for employers to require drug testing of their employees, then I think it’s okay for the American taxpayers to require drug testing of those that we support. If they don’t want to follow our rules, no problem. Go out and find a job that doesn’t require drug testing!

Entitlement programs cost the American taxpayers billions upon billions of dollars each and every year. When did we change from a land of opportunity to a land of entitlement? Every American citizen should be afforded an opportunity to work and provide for themselves and their families, but the key words here are opportunity and work! Most Americans want to be independent; they don’t want their government to take care of them. They want to be creative, think for themselves, and accomplish things on their own. They want a hand up, not a hand-out! They simply want a job!

Would you replace our broken unemployment compensation program with a new “right to work” program?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could provide jobs for all our unemployed American citizens, and at the same time, help our small businesses grow, lower our taxes, and rebuild the American economy? What if we could do all of this in 90 days? Well, we can, by simply converting our broken unemployment compensation program to a new “right to work” program.

Think about what the terms entitlement and unemployment compensation have come to mean over the years. People now feel entitled to be compensated for being unemployed! This is just plain wrong! How about we stop the insanity and implement a Common Sense “right to work” program? We could even call it a “Will Work for Money” program.

"We should teach those in need how to fish, not have to supply them with fish for the rest of their lives!"

During these trying economic times, a lot of companies are struggling. They could use additional help to expand and grow their businesses, but they simply can’t afford the cost of additional employees. We have the means to provide every American-owned company the workers they so desperately need, while providing every unemployed American (who wants to work) a job. By adding millions of unemployed volunteer workers to the workforce over the next 24 months, businesses will start to grow, and the U.S. economy will boom and hopefully provide permanent jobs for all of our unemployed workers. This is a win-win situation for every American. We also have thousands upon thousands of non-profit organizations that could use more volunteers to provide the much-needed services within their communities.

What’s this “right to work” program going to cost the government (I mean the American taxpayers)? Nothing. Not one penny more than what our current broken unemployment system is costing us now. Everything is already in place! We’re already paying these individuals every week for not working (in the form of welfare and unemployment checks). It’s time they start working for their paychecks the same as every other American! They’ll learn a trade or profession, but most importantly, they’ll learn work ethics. We should teach those in need how to fish, not have to supply them with fish for the rest of their lives!

Right to Work Program

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Wouldn’t it also be nice of our welfare and Medicare/Medicaid programs worked better?
We might also want to start applying some Common Sense to every one of our entitlement programs. I don’t know about you, but I think our welfare program is broken, as is Medicare and Medicaid. I don’t mind providing healthy and nutritious food (fruits and vegetables, milk, peanut butter, etc.) to those in need, but I’ve seen what a lot of the entitled people on welfare buy; when we simply hand them food stamps or a debit card to use any way they please.

They shouldn’t be allowed to use our tax dollars to buy steamed shrimp and t-bone steaks. They also shouldn’t be allowed to spend our tax dollars on junk food and soda. It seems insane that we allow our tax dollars to be spent on unhealthy items (that contribute to obesity and other medical problems). Later in life we’re giving these same people more of our hard-earned tax dollars in the form of Medicare and Medicaid to help with their medical conditions. It’s insane to create the very same problems that we later have to treat.

Here’s a better idea! How about since we the taxpayers are the ones footing the bill to help those in need, we set the rules? How about we provide them with only nutritious food so they don’t need our medical assistance in the future; so they stay healthier longer? If they don’t like the rules, they can get assistance elsewhere. Think of how many hard-earned taxpayer dollars we could save on unneeded medical prescriptions and procedures, not to mention the better quality of life we would be providing for those in need!

How do we change our current welfare program?
No, we don’t go back to the old program of passing out peanut butter and cheese at government-run offices. We do, however, need to control the nutritional value of the foods we choose to provide those needing our assistance. We need to help those in need eat and stay healthy, and in the process, save the taxpayers billions.

Here’s how we accomplish both. We design dozens of different free nutritious frozen breakfast, lunch, and dinner packages, in both adult- and child-specific sizes, and in 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day individual and family size packaging. We assign and mark a point value on each package based upon the items inside. A point value would also be assigned to other individually packaged nutritious items, i.e. peanut butter, potatoes, bread, milk, eggs, cheese, etc. Many of these items could be offered in bulk. A point value would be assigned to a one week’s supply of baby food/formula and other baby needs based upon the baby’s age.

We then contract with all major food stores to carry these items. When an approved item is rung up against a government-issued food card, the approved item(s) would simply show up as “no charge” on the receipt. The government (the American taxpayers) would be sent a bill for the approved item(s). These nutritiously approved items would also be available for everyone to purchase. This way the entitled won’t feel embarrassed when putting the items in their cart. Who knows, we might even get all of America eating healthy again and solve our healthcare crisis!

Each adult and each child in the family would be assigned a specific amount of points per week. All of the points would go on a Family Food Card. Both parents would be listed on the Family Food Card and either could do the shopping for the entire family. Infant points (needed for formula, baby food, and baby supplies) would be kept separate from family points.