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The American Common Sense Movement ... The Time Has Come For Every American to Become an Educated Voter!

What is the Common Sense Movement

As the name implies, we're a MOVEMENT, not a Political Party.  Our mission is simple, to unify all Common Sense Democrats and all Common Sense Republicans, and totally rebuild our dysfunctional Congress.

The fighting and the division has to stop.  It's time we start ignoring the far left and the far right extremists.  The rest of America has more in common than we could ever imagine.  United We Succeed, Divided We Fail.  
Once we come together (as Americans) our mission is simple, to hire the right managers to Congress. That’s it. Once we have the right managers working for us, we can truly Make America Great Again(TM). Then and only then will we be able to lower taxes, provide jobs for everyone, offer more opportunities, safer communities, more equality, and a better way of life for all.

Are we soliciting donations, collecting data, etc.?
No, we will never solicit or accept donations. Do we want you to fill out forms so we can sell your personal information? No, there are no forms to fill out and we will never collect any of your data. Do we want you to volunteer your time? Nope! Then what’s the angle? There is no angle!

Our mission is simple: to infiltrate both the Democratic and Republican parties in both Houses of Congress with Common Sense free-thinking American business people, educators, and entrepreneurs.

We simply want you to do one thing for yourself, your family, your friends, and for all of America: we want you to help us rebuild a totally dysfunctional Congress (with some Common Sense candidates of your choice) and we want you to go out and vote in the upcoming election and every future election. We want you to take an interest in the affairs of your government and help shape the course of American history.

Is the American Common Sense Movement an independent third party?
No! We’re simply a movement, hopefully the unification of 225 million Democrat and Republican taxpaying American voters, just like you. You can also think of us as an American Taxpayers’ Union.

How do we get 225 million Democratic and Republican voters to unify and become one voice for Common Sense? It’s simple. We change the mindset of every American Democrat voter and every American Republican voter by immediately stop listening to anyone who tries to divide us, whether it be the media, the Democratic and Republican political machines, or the radical extremists on both sides.

How do we get Democrats and Republicans to unite and start working together?
We change the way we vote. We stop voting straight down party lines. We vet the candidates and we vote for the candidate with the most Common Sense (albeit a Democrat or a Republican). To do so, we have to first realize that we’re all in this together. It’s not us against each other; not Democrat against Republican; not black against white. We’re all taxpaying American citizens, we all share the same dreams and aspirations, and we all share the same disappointments. It’s time we all start sharing the same responsibility – the responsibility of fixing America.

Our platform is simple: lower taxes and provide more jobs, more opportunities, safer communities, more freedom, more equality, and a better and more efficiently-run federal government.

When we start viewing ourselves as united and as Democratic and Republican members of the same party (let's say, an American Common Sense Bi-Political Party), only then will the fighting stop, and only then will we be able to once again, make America the greatest nation on earth. Let’s work together to secure our liberties and our freedoms, not only for ourselves, but for generations to come.

How did Congress get us in debt in the first place?
At one point they took it upon themselves to stop working within a balanced federal budget. Common Sense dictates that you can’t spend money that you don’t have. Congress totally ignores this fact. They just spend and spend, with no limit in sight. They keep adding more and more entitlement programs each and every year, and they have no money to fund these programs.

When they want more money, they simply increase the debt ceiling. Debt ceiling sounds harmless enough, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong! How stupid do our managers in Congress think the American people are? Borrowing money is taxation, no matter how they spin it!

Our managers on Capitol Hill aren’t stupid by any means. For God’s sake, most are Harvard lawyers. They just don’t care about the little people; the taxpaying American citizens that they actually work for; the people like you and I.

They knew exactly what they were doing when they started borrowing. They knew quite well that if they looked us straight in the eye and asked for more of our hard-earned tax dollars, we would say, “hell no!” They also knew that if they raised taxes without asking, the American people would revolt! Since neither way would give them what they wanted, they came up with another way to separate us from our hard-earned money, and their plan worked.

They totally blind-sided us without our even realizing what was happening. They simply raised the debt ceiling and borrowed, borrowed, and borrowed. To fund their over-spending, they basically forged the names of every man, woman, and child on $27 trillion worth of taxpayer promissory notes that you and I, and our children, and their children, are now obligated to pay back. Pretty ingenious to say the least, but not right!

Only 13% of Americans approve of the job that our Congress is doing.

Why would Congress take the American people into debt to the tune of $27 trillion?
Your guess is as good as mine. Worst case scenario, they seek power, and what better way to stay in power, than to trade entitlements for votes? What better way to stay in power than to plunge us into debt, and force the American people to rely on their government for their basic needs? Best case scenario, they screwed up and didn’t want to take it on the chin. They should have fixed the problem when it first occurred, before things got so out of control. Either way, they’ve created a mess that needs to be fixed, and fixed now!

How many honorary Democratic and Republican members do we have in our Bi-Political Party, our American Common Sense Movement?
If we count all Americans who want things changed up on Capitol Hill, including both you and I, the number would be around 261 million. This number is based upon the fact that 87% of our 300 million population (261 million) disapprove of the job that Congress is doing.  I’m sure that we all agree that to fix Congress, we need to replace a lot of our managers on Capitol Hill with some Common Sense business people, accountants, educators, and entrepreneurs. If you would like to move up from an honorary member to a participating member, all you have to do is become a American Common Sense Bi-Political voter.

And if you’re tired of what’s going on (or not going on) in Congress and want to really make a difference, become an American Common Sense Bi-Political candidate. If you agree with our movement and the majority of the reforms we support, America could really use your help. America needs Democrat and Republican candidates with Common Sense to challenge all our incumbent managers on Capitol Hill who aren’t doing their jobs. Thanks in advance for your service.