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Steps that all current U.S. illegal residents must take to be granted Conditional Citizenship:

1. All illegal immigrants must register (within 180 days) as an illegal immigrant, give their residential address, and list the names and addresses of all friends and family members who are U.S. citizens. They must also list (and show proof, if possible) of their initial date of illegal entry. If they do not comply, they will be prosecuted and deported, and will never be able to gain U.S. citizenship in the future!

2. All illegal immigrants who have never been convicted of a felony and can prove they have gainful employment and a place to live, may apply for conditional citizenship. Once they apply, they must meet all U.S. citizenship requirements (including learning the English language) within 24 months to be allowed to stay in our country. It’s time we get all illegal immigrants off entitlement programs and start paying taxes.

3. All illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a felony are to be deported immediately. If they came across the Mexican border, they will simply be deported back to Mexico. It then becomes Mexico’s problem. They can either foot the bill to incarcerate them in a Mexican prison, or send them back to their country of origin. These individuals will never be granted a path back to U.S. citizenship.

Once conditional citizenship is granted to an illegal resident, they may start pursuing the American dream; however, they may not receive any taxpayer-funded entitlements until they have paid taxes into the system for a period of at least ten years.

They will also be on probation for a period of ten years before being granted permanent citizenship. If they are convicted of any felony, within the ten year period, they will be prosecuted, incarcerated, then deported permanently.

If they don’t like these conditions, leave, and leave now! No more free rides!

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